About Us

Our Church History

The church located at 740 Lithia Pinecrest Road was previously Berean Bible Community Church and was subsequently changed to Berean Baptist Church once the church joined the Southern Baptist Convention.  Unfortunately, the church closed in early 2005.

Thanks be to God that there was a small remnant of members who wanted to start a new church.  In starting the new church they desired to use the same name of Berean because it represented the character of the people wanting to ensure the things they learned were scripturally sound (Acts 17:11).  Therefore on August 7, 2005 a new church was created called The New Berean Baptist Church.  The church met originally at a small daycare center and school adjacent to the current property.  Eventually New Berean was able to procure the property at 740 Lithia Pinecrest where service is currently held.

Even though the church identifies with the Baptist faith, the priority is not necessarily denominational in nature but rather concerned about what “Thus Says the Lord….”.  Members of New Berean identify themselves rather as biblicists (i.e. students of God’s word for application in their lives).

New Berean promotes the worship of family together where the Word of God and the worship of Jesus Christ is central to ministry.  As a matter of fact we believe that our core values are Biblical Truth, beingChrist-centered, Faithfulness, and Reaching the Lost.  We function on these premises in the context of family.

Ultimately, our objective is to bring honor and glory to God by the things taught in the church, the singing, and our prayer and devotion to the Lord.  Our church is a very caring church and desire to be an extended family to all members and well as guests to the church.

At any time we ask guests to visit with us for a period of time and commune with the New Berean Family to understand the worship and devotion of God in the context of family.  Therefore, we welcome all people to come worship with New Berean.

Currently we are congregation of approximately 60 people (as of 2009) and would welcome others who are seeking a church home to come visit with us.

Pastor Elder Deacons

Pastor Earnest F. Lowe

Elder John Boatwright

Deacon Lyons

Ministry Leaders

Men's Ministry- Elder John Boatwright

Women's Ministry - Janice Davis and Cheryl Goodwin

SOZO Outreach- April Armstrong and Bessie Tkacs

Director of Adult Choir- Cheryl Goodwin 

Asst. Director of Adult Choir- Brenda Monroe

Director of Youth and Praise- Brenda Monroe

Director of Praise Team (Teens)- Nate Willams 

Asst, Director of Praise Team- Dajia Wilson 

Event Planner- Natalie Lowe and Nicole Willams 

Event Decorator- Stephanie Burrell and Rose Carter

Hospitality Committee- Brenda Boatwright and Jackie Freeman