Even though the church identifies with the Baptist faith, the priority is not necessarily denominational in nature but rather concerned about what “Thus Says the Lord….”.  Members of New Berean identify themselves rather as biblicists (i.e. students of God’s word for application in their lives).

New Berean promotes the worship of family together where the Word of God and the worship of Jesus Christ is central to ministry.  As a matter of fact we believe that our core values are Biblical Truth, being Christ-centered, Faithfulness, and Reaching the Lost.  We function on these premises in the context of family.

Ultimately, our objective is to bring honor and glory to God by the things taught in the church, the singing, and our prayer and devotion to the Lord. 


We believe the Holy Bible teaches exhaustively on the following (click links for more details):

The Godhead

Holy Scriptures



The Church


Last Things (Eschatology)